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May 7, 1997 - Lincoln Road Mall; A Taste of The Beach
Tuning Up
Ian "Elvis" Venters entertaining the crowd

April 25-26, 1997 - New York, NY
At the Metropolitan Opera House
In front of NBC studios #1

In front of NBC studios #2
In front of NBC studios #3
In front of a church
Group picture
March 27, 1997 - American Cancer Society Benefit; FIU North Football Field
Group performing "Living In The Past"
March 8, 1997 - Treasure Island Elementary
Ian Venters singing
Fernando Perdomo
Back-up singers
March 7, 1997 - Radisson Hotel
Group performing
March 2, 1997 - Lincoln Road Mall
Group performing #1
Group performing #2
Group performing #3
December 16, 1996
Group performing
After performing
December 1996 - Miami Heart Institute
Group performing
Various locations 1996
Ian Venters performing
Liz Arabello performing
Backup section
Tammy Ross performing
Group performing
Rodolfo Troncoso performing
Group performing
Fernando Perdomo soloing
Sandy Bermudez performing
Rodolfo Troncoso playing guitar
Yearbook picture outtake

1995-96 Rock Ensemble
Performing in South Beach #1
Performing in South Beach #2
Group shot