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May 28, 1999 - Spring Concert

May 1, 1999 - Bayfront Park; Downtown Miami

April 26, 1999 - Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Performance
Roger Houdaille and David Miller plotting  
Roger Houdaille and David Miller singing

Guitarist David Miller and tech Blaise Girard
Tamara Pardo getting motivated

Ari Kalimi... DJ Affect

Backup singers 
Crista Villela singing 'White Rabbit'
Gavin rappin... in a tux! 
Guitarist Roger Houdaille 
Tennille Maisner
Jennifer Louis singing 
Bass playing Liz Stratton 
Brazillian Talita 
Drummer Jorge
Drummer Tamara 
The horn players
Mr. Burris receiving our certificate of recognition
Group performing

After concert group shot
The rhythm section

April  1999 - Photos from the New Times article "School Of Hard Rocks"
by Steve Satterwhite
Group at practice
Karina Bermudez
On the way to Chicago
Another practice shot

April 17, 1999 - Miami-Dade Community College

April 15, 1999 - Newspaper photos: "El Nuevo Herald"
courtesy of Fernando Perdomo
David Miller
Roger Houdaille
March 12, 1999 - John Lennon Songwriting Performance
Group performing
Jennifer Jean-Baptiste performing
Mr. Burris and students beside the JLSC bus
March 1999 - Promotional Group Pictures
Picture No. 1
Picture No. 2
Picture No. 3
January 1999 - Mars Music Store
Kenny G & Mr. Burris
Kenny G & Mike MacNamee
Kenny G & Rodolfo Troncoso
Kenny G & Nelson Ramos
December 18, 1998 - Winter Concert
Brett Gordon
December 11, 1998 - Mahi Shrine Temple

Jennifer Louis
Jorge Ocsas
Ari Kalimi
Tennille Maisner
December 1998 - Nautilus Middle School

Tennille Maisner and her brother Oren

November 12, 1998 - Crown And Capers

Keybordist Tennille Maisner
Bassist Liz Stratton
Percussionist Fernando Ruiz-Davilla
Drummer Tamara Pardo