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      The Miami Beach Senior High School Rock Ensemble was established in for the purpose of performing contemporary jazz and rock music. The students involved learn both the technical and aesthetic aspects concerning the business of music. They gain vast knowledge of traditional as well as modern technical instruments, such as, synthesizers, the hybrid combinations of acoustic and electrical instruments, and the sophisticated factors of sound reinforcement. Additionally, the students in the Rock Ensemble, working with the MBSH High Tide Recording Studio, now have the capability of composing music through Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) for public performances and copyright.  
     For sixteen years the Rock Ensemble has consistently achieved "superior" ratings at the Florida Vocal Association Festivals, both at the district and state levels. The students' accomplishments and knowledge of the various aspects of the music business have recently been commended in appearances on CNN and MTV. This year the Rock Ensemble again participated in the Florida Vocal Association district and state contests.  
     In 1996, the Rock Ensemble and the Classical Guitar Quartet competed in the Peachtree Classic Music Festival in Atlanta where both groups won first place trophies with "Superior" ratings. While the group was in Atlanta they performed at Underground Atlanta to a large enthusiastic audience. Everyone had a great time, and returned home proud of their accomplishments.
    Also in 1996, the Rock Ensemble performed Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band as recorded by the Beatles. Props, costumes, and special lighting effects were used for this ambitious performance and was a complete success. In 1997, the Rock Ensemble and the Classical Guitar Septet traveled to New York where theyboth received First Place Trophies and "Superior" ratings at the Big Apple Music Festival. The Classical Guitar Septet received the highest scores at the Festival and Elizabeth Arbelo received an "Outstanding Vocal Solo" award for her interpretation of "Crazy on You".
    The Rock Ensemble provides an excellent forum for its members to display their talents, determination, and dedication as well as their intelligence; all of which are important factors in succeeding in the business of music. Mr. Doug Burris has been the group's director for years and believes that "every person should develop his/her artistic potential to the highest possible level and that proficiency in singing and/or playing a musical instrument should be part of this development."
    The Miami Beach High School Rock Ensemble has proven to be a valuable performance medium which profoundly influences the lives of young people.