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1996 - 1997 CD

Track List:
Living In The Past   (I. Anderson)
Do You Sleep?  (L. Loeb)
Dancing In The Street  (M. Gaye, W. Stevenson, I.J.Hunter)
Imagine   (J. Lennon)
The Sunset  (Tammy Ross)
You're No Good (C. Ballard Jr.)
Peace Anthem   (C. Mercuri, T. Pardo)
Can't Help Falling In Love   (L. Creatore, H. Paretti, G. Weiss)
Trapped   (T. Ross)
Nunca Quedas Mal Con Nadie  (J. González)
Listen To Your Heart   (P. Guesse)
Crazy On You   (A. Wilson, N. Wilson)
Black Magic Woman   (P. Green)

NOTE: No More CD's are
available for purchase
If interested in obtaining a tape copy, please contact the Rock Ensemble through e-mail

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